Skepparholmen Nacka  - a piece of Swedish history

Skepparholmen is first mentioned on a map from 1703 as the cottage "Hållmen".

A more significant period in Skepparholmen's history begins when the estate owner Mr Francke acquired the area in 1869 and had four houses built for himself and his children.

The main house was inagurated in 1885, as Francke's summer residence; Villa Torpa was finished in 1896, and the remaining two buildings were finished in the beginning of the 1900's. A traditional English park with winding foot-paths, bath-houses and a Swedish-punch grove was realized in 1908. In the main house, grand parties were common with both nobility and royalty in attendance. Every spring Dalecarlian women would come wandering to Skepparholmen to row the estate owner into town during his summer residence. When fall arrived, the family Francke moved back into town, but Skepparholmen's West House was kept heated year-round so that flowers, fresh vegetables and herbs could be sent in every Saturday with the Waxholm ferry.

Today, Villa Torpa is the only remaining villa of the four original buildings. The Francke family sold Skepparholmen to KF in 1953. KF's subsidiary company OK made plans to build an oil depot on the site, but after initial drilling it was determined that the ground was too porous and KF's plans was not realized. The area was then sold to "Sparbanksföreningen" who turned to the architects Folke Hederius and Johan Wolert with the intention of building an educational centre. The first stage of Skepparholmen's current form was completed in 1964, marking the beginning of a new era where education and teaching were at focus.

Between 1990 and 2000 Skepparholmen developed from the boarding-school environment of yesterday to today's successful, elegant and well-equipped conference centre able to meet the demands put forth by companies choosing to place their training seminars and conferences here. In 2000, a new venture was undertaken including the construction of a full-service spa, resulting in conference guests getting the opportunity to relaxation and well-being after a hard day's work while at the same time opening up business for a new category of guests - the consumer market.

A renovation of all the shower rooms was commenced in 2002, along with the construction of an additional 23 spacious double rooms, an auditorium for up to 80 people, as well as a bistro and lounge. June 1st, 2003 marked the opening of these new additions. The latest and still ongoing expansion is our newly opened spa ( June 2012 ) department that takes Skepparholmen into another spa league. The last years we have conducting a tough and prosperous work with sustainable growth and green solutions, resulting in our many differenst Ecological and  Quality lables. In addition we are security licensed where fire protection is included, and has a classified 4-star rating according to SHR International Hotel standards.

Since July 2006, Skepparholmen AB is owned by "Masmästaren Fastigheter AB", a Swedish real estate company. Managing Director is Mrs Gabriella Persson-Klahr.

We are very proud of the constant and creative process to organize and prepare the best possible welcoming to all guests!

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Skepparholmen Nacka