Spoil Your Body 80 minuter Mon-Thur 1195:- / Fri-Sun 1395 (inkl. moms)

This is the essential all-in-one treatment. A thorough body peeling will get the circulation going and remove dead skin cells. After a refreshing shower you will be ready for some aromatherapy massage of your entire body with aromatic oil. A nutritious mask will be applied and afterwards, it is time for a moisturizing crème for your face and eyes. You are now ready to meet the world with a great smile!

The Beach 25 minuter Mon-Thur 595:- / Fri-Sun 695 (inkl. moms)

A moment’s well-being that makes an impact. After a body peeling and a warm shower, we apply a moisturizing cream or relaxing aromatic oil. You just relax – we will do the rest!

Neroli Blossom Sensory 80 minuter Mon-Thurs 1195:- / Fri-Sun 1395 (inkl. moms)

Renew and refresh body, energy and spirit with this therapeutic treatment incorporating tension release, energy and breathing techniques with the uplifting essence of neroli.

A quiet moment 25 minuter Fri-Sun 695:- / Mon-Thurs 595:- (inkl. moms)

An relaxing treatment for a person in need of stressrelease. After a relaxing massage with acupressure for your scalp, neck and shoulders a circulation increasing mask with aromatic oil is applied on your shoulders and neck. The treatment ends with a lovely scalpmassage.

Happy feet 25 minuter Fri-Sun 695:- / Mon-Thurs 595:- (inkl. moms)

A nourishing foot-treatment for dry and tired feet. The treatment starts with a refreshing footbath with eucalyptus. Your feet and legs are peeled med turkish saltscrub and the treatment ends with an enjoyable footmassage with footcream.

Beautiful hands 25 minuter Fri-Sun 695:- / Mon-Thurs 595:- (inkl. moms)

This treatment includes a unique multiacidpeel. Your hands are peeled with the acid and your cuticles are strengthened with oil from myrrh. The treatment ends with a relaxing hand and arm massage with etherique gingeroil.

Mama 50 minuter Fri-Sun 1095:- / Mon-Thurs 995:- (inkl. moms)

This calm treatment is formed for the pregnant woman. A mild, creamy chamomilepeel with light polishinggrains removes dry and deadskin of your body. After this a refreshing scrub is performed with a loofah glove for increased circulation. This is followed by an oilwrap on your body, meanwhile we turn the attention to your face with a cleansing, mask and facialmassage. The treatment ends with products suitable for your face.

Spirulinawrap 50 minuter Fri-Sun 1095:- / Mon-Thurs 995:- (inkl. moms)

An energiboosting bodywrap with spirulinaalgees to add necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins to your body. This treatment nourishes, stimulates and restores the body. Your skin is exfoliated with drybrush for effective removal of dead skincells and then continues with a lovely algee-maskwrap. Meanwhile we attend to your face. The treatment ends with application of a mineralrich cream blended with calming lavenderoil.

Lavenderdream 80 minuter Fri-Sun 1395:- / Mon-Thurs 1195:- (inkl. moms)

Inhale the lavenderscent and enjoy the calming as well as the balancing effect of this lovely treatment. A boosting bodypeel in two steps removes effectively dead skincells after which you get a full, warm, lovely bodywrap. This is followed by a delightful and calm bodymassage. The treatment ends with a warm oil scalpmassage.

Gingerheat 80 minuter Fri-Sun 1395:- / Mon-Thurs 1195:- (inkl. moms)

A full bodyexperience with a bodymassage and scrub. The natural saltminerals of the bodyscrub deliver a refreshing feel and the warm gingeroil strengthens, nourishes and encreases your wellbeing. Hot stones and a luxurious scalpmassage with warm oil ends this complete bodytreatment.