Spoil Your Body 80 minuter Mon-Thur 1195:- / Fri-Sun 1395:- (inkl. moms)

This is the essential all-in-one treatment. A thorough body peeling will get the circulation going and remove dead skin cells. After a refreshing shower you will be ready for some aromatherapy massage of your entire body with aromatic oil. A nutritious mask will be applied and afterwards, it is time for a moisturizing crème for your face and eyes. You are now ready to meet the world with a great smile!

The Beach 25 minuter Mon-Thur 595:- / Fri-Sun 695:- (inkl. moms)

A moment’s well-being that makes an impact. After a body peeling and a warm shower, we apply a moisturizing cream or relaxing aromatic oil. You just relax – we will do the rest!

Neroli Blossom Sensory 80 minuter Mon-Thurs 1195:- / Fri-Sun 1395:- (inkl. moms)

Renew and refresh body, energy and spirit with this therapeutic treatment incorporating tension release, energy and breathing techniques with the uplifting essence of neroli.