Classic Woman 50 minuter Mon-Thur 995:- / Fri-Sun 1095 (inkl. moms)

This is a classic facial treatment, suitable for all types of skin. The treatment begins with a cleansing and a deep-working peel. Other impurities of the skin are removed with steam before the eyebrows are picked. We will then give you a stimulating facial massage and apply a face mask. Finally, we will apply a face crème that suits your skin type.

Classic Calm 50 minuter Mon-Thur 995:- / Fri-Sun 1095 (inkl. moms)

A stress-reducing treatment loaded with essential oils, suitable for both men and women. The treatment begins with a relaxing back massage, followed by skin cleansing and a deep-working peeling. Enjoy a stimulating and relaxing massage of your face and upper chest. After the massage, we apply a facial mask. The treatment is then completed with a refreshing facial crème.

Classic de Luxe 80 minuter Mon-Thur 1195:- / Fri-Sun 1395 (inkl. moms)

This treatment will refresh and indulge your skin. We begin with a cleansing and deep-working peeling of the face. Steaming face, we tint your eyelashes and eyebrows that also are picked. We then give you a massage of the neck and face to boost your circulation. This will give you a natural glow and a healthy colour. We then complete the treatment with a vitamin face mask and a wonderful facial crème matching your skin type.

Classic Man 50 minuter Mon-Thur 995:- / Fri-Sun 1095 (inkl. moms)

A customized treatment, loaded with essential oils – special male skin care. We start with a relaxing back massage follow with a facial cleansing and deep-working peeling. After the facial massage you get a creamy face mask, especially efficient against skin irritations. The treatment is completed by applying a moisturizing and softening face crème and an eye cream that will reduce signs of fatigue and brighten up your eyes.

Classic Mini 25 minuter Fri- Sun 695:- / Mon-Thurs 595:- (inkl. moms)

A shorter type of facial beginning with a cleansing of the face and a mudmask peel, that with its composite of minerals inhanses and renews mat and lifeless skin. The treatment ends with a lovely facialmassage and suitable products for your skin.

Beautiful Eyes 50 minuter Fri-Sun 1095:- / Mon-Thurs 995:- (inkl. moms)

Your eyelashes and brows are cleansed, after which your lashes are tinted and brows are picked. This is followed by a soothing eyemask och a lightdraining massage around the eyearea. The treatment ends with a moisturizing eyecream.

Anti-age 50 minuter Fri-Sun 1195:- / Mon-Thurs 1095:- (inkl. moms)

A resultbased facial for the experienced person that gives your skin an extra tightness and luster. The treatment starts with a cleansing and deepworking peel of the face. If your skin will allow we will also use an exfoliating multiacidpeel to your face, decolletage and hands. This is followed up with a deepcleansing facialmassage improving the circulation. Finally a special cooling/tighteningmask is applied and meanwhile this works you get a nourishing and relaxing handmassage.