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Skepparholmen Nacka is a spa and conference hotel beautifully located in Nacka in Stockholm’s inner archipelago. From Stockholm city you can get here in 20 minutes.

Skepparholmen Nacka is a spa and conference hotel beautifully located in Nacka in Stockholm’s inner archipelago. From Stockholm city you can get here in 20 minutes.

Our business concept is to create profitability by offering conference and spa guests a creative, scenic and beneficial environment near Stockholm in a sustainable Scandinavian spirit. Skepparholmen dates back to 1869, when timber patron Francke took over the area and had four villas built for himself and his children. One of these, Villa Torpa, remains. Our modern history begins in the 1950s when OK intended to build oil depots on the land, which turned out to be too porous. The land was then sold on to Sparbanksföreningen, which inaugurated its educational institution here in 1964. During the 1990s, Skepparholmen was developed into a modern and well-equipped meeting facility. In 2000, our spa was established, which more and more health-conscious visitors are discovering. A new Scandinavian spa with two new pools and a large sauna was opened in 2015. Here we have taken inspiration from nature.

In recent years, Skepparholmen has conducted serious and successful sustainability work. The management system for this is called internally “Our green way of working”. We base our social responsibility on the guidelines in ISO 26000 – Guidelines for social responsibility. The business is eco-labelled with the Nordic Swan and a triple certificate from ISO, which means ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 20121 for sustainability at events. In addition, the business has a safety certificate, which also includes requirements for fire protection, and has the full pot of Swedish Meetings’ quality certification and 4 stars according to SHR’s international hotel standard.

From 2006, Skepparholmen’s owner has been Masmästaren Fastigheter AB. Skepparholmen AB is owned from the first quarter of 2021 by Fastighets AB Balder after an acquisition of Masmästaren Fastigheter AB. From April 2022, Stureplansgruppen owns the operation. Marcus Press is CEO of our new company Skepparholmen Hotell AB. Our vision is that everyone who has been to Skepparholmen will long to return and that everyone who has not yet visited us will be close to a dream of soon being able to do so. Our mission is to make the conference guests meet in a professional and creative way and to make the private guests experience well-being. All under environmentally friendly and sustainable premises. Skepparholmen’s business is based on caring for each other and the environment we operate in. Here our guests find the presence and tranquility they are looking for, both conference and private guests.


Nature becomes an obvious source of power in the beautiful surroundings close to the sea. Guests will want to come here several times. We want to be the obvious choice for guests who want to stay in a scenic environment with a Scandinavian touch. Our guests appreciate, just like us, the simple, clean, airy. They are looking for a safe, reliable, responsible, yet exciting, high-quality spa and conference hotel that takes its environmental responsibility. Our three shining watchwords for everything we do are #Beautiful, #Sustainable and #Caring. Two H and one O, which forms the chemical designation for water = H2O. Skepparholmen Nacka is located between sea and lake

Environmental work

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