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At our hotel, we offer our guests a pleasant and environmentally friendly stay where health, care, and personal service are at the center. We have three guiding principles – Lovely, Sustainable, and Thoughtful. These words are like three sparkling guiding stars for everything we do.

We strive to be the obvious choice for guests who want to stay in a natural and Scandinavian environment. We hope that our guests, just like us, appreciate simplicity, cleanliness, and airiness.

Skepparholmen Nacka’s vision is to be a Scandinavian hotel for meetings and well-being where everyone longs to return. Our success depends on dedicated and engaged employees who are driven by care for our guests, each other, and the environment in which we operate.

Fair conditions is the Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union’s way of helping you find, among other things, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment facilities that have collective agreements for their employees.

By choosing companies with collective agreements, you support the work to ensure that employees have fair working conditions. Read more about the Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union, HRF, and our areas of agreement at www.hrf.net. Also, read more at schystavillkor.se.

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