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From drop in wedding to infrared sauna, everything that is going on at Skepparholmen you will find here.

From drop in wedding to infrared sauna, everything that is going on at Skepparholmen you will find here.

Summer party in the archipelago

At Skepparholmen Nacka, we can create a memorable summer party in the Aqua Marina venue. Located on the water where the archipelago breeze and the waves create a unique atmosphere, and with the sunset as a backdrop, you have the opportunity to direct the party just as you wish. Enjoy culinary delights and refreshing drinks while socializing with other guests.


Celebrate Easter in the archipelago at Skepparholmen.

Easter is approaching, and what is be better than celebrating it in the beautiful archipelago? We at Skepparholmen invite you and your loved ones to experience an unforgettable Easter weekend surrounded by the tranquility and relaxing atmosphere of nature.


Holidays at Skepparholmen Nacka

Easter, Walpurgis Night, and Ascension Day are approaching, and Skepparholmen Nacka offers a sanctuary on these spring public holidays. Book yourself and someone you care about, or gather a group of friends for a delightful and relaxing day together.


Culinary Journey in the Archipelago

Skepparholmen Nacka, with a majestic view over the Stockholm archipelago, is a unique culinary destination. The restaurant, open year-round, offers a journey with innovation and commitment. The highlight is the Chef’s Table, now available for booking in March and April, where guests can experience the cooking up close by the water.


Celebrate love at our spa

Upptäck en oöverträffad upplevelse med din kärlek eller någon du tycker om på Alla Hjärtans Dag hos oss på Skepparholmen Nacka!


New year new routines

We have bid farewell to 2023, welcomed 2024, and at Skepparholmen Nacka, it’s time to embrace the fresh energy with new possibilities. A new year also means new routines and exciting events. Here is an overview of what you can expect at Skepparholmen Nacka in the coming months.


Christmas Eve at Skepparholmen Nacka

At Skepparholmen Nacka Christmas is not just a traditional holiday, it is a unique experience where relaxation and harmony blend with the beautiful archipelago views. Celebrating Christmas here means giving yourself and your loved ones a memorable Christmas Eve between the sea and the lake.


Christmas and New Year Celebrations at Skepparholmen Nacka

Skepparholmen Nacka, the idyllic sanctuary for relaxation and well-being, transforms into a winter oasis during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Nestled beautifully between the sea and the lake, this is the perfect place to create new traditions and memories during Christmas and to welcome the new year.


Enjoy exquisite autumn experiences with Chefs Table at Skepparholmen Nacka.

Enjoy the exquisite experiences of autumn with Chef’s Table at Skepparholmen Nacka.
Chef’s Table is back, and the autumn dates are set. This season is framed by falling leaves and a delightful cool breeze, the perfect time to discover an outstanding culinary experience in a relaxing and scenic environment.


Experience Skepparholmen’s new terrace

Experience Skepparholmen Nacka’s new terrace – a perfect place for good food, drinks with a sea view at this beautiful spa hotel during your spa weekend. Enjoy culinary flavors and relaxation in a harmonious environment.

A unique experience by the sea


We are installing infrared sauna

The spa and conference hotel Skepparholmen Nacka continues to develop. The latest addition on this journey is an Infrared sauna – one of the largest of its kind in Sweden.

A spa should stimulate all senses through physical activity, spa treatments, good food, and rest. Just like with a traditional sauna, there are numerous health benefits to an Infrared sauna. The core temperature in the body is raised, which increases blood circulation.


Erik Blomqvist

Background, previous career, etc.
Trained as a carpenter but switched careers to become a chef. Previously worked at Vigårda, Rich, Krusmyntagården, and Geranium in Copenhagen. Has worked as a chef at Skepparholmen for a total of 4 years.

Favorite foods and food experiences?
My favorite spice is salt and my favorite ingredient is grilled fish. I love cooking outdoors.



New photo exhibition with Johan Tappert

Johan Tappert (b. 1973) lives in Stockholm, where he also works. Since the 1990s, he has mainly been active as a film director with a wide range of assignments in TV series, short films and commercials.

In the last ten years, he has come to discover the fascination with the still image and the life, forms and people of the street.


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