Christmas Eve at Skepparholmen Nacka

At Skepparholmen Nacka Christmas is not just a traditional holiday, it is a unique experience where relaxation and harmony blend with the beautiful archipelago views. Celebrating Christmas here means giving yourself and your loved ones a memorable Christmas Eve between the sea and the lake.

Disconnect from the stresses of everyday life in the spa area and indulge in our well-composed Christmas buffet, where each bite is a journey through the traditional flavors and delicacies that Christmas has to offer. It’s not just the food that makes Christmas at Skepparholmen Nacka special. The atmosphere is magical and harmonious, with every detail carefully planned to create a memorable experience. From the atmospheric decorations to the welcoming service, every moment is filled with warmth and care.

Let Christmas at Skepparholmen Nacka become a new tradition for you. Experience a Christmas weekend that not only fills the stomach with delights but also the heart with peace and joy. With us, Christmas becomes a time to create warm memories and experience the very best of the Swedish archipelago’s tranquility and charm.


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