Vår nya infraröda bastu väntar på att bli testad


We are installing infrared sauna


A spa should stimulate all senses through physical activity, spa treatments, good food, and rest. Just like with a traditional sauna, there are numerous health benefits to an Infrared sauna. The core temperature in the body is raised, which increases blood circulation. This provides new oxygen to the muscles and is particularly effective after a workout to help the muscles recover. Infrared sauna can also have a positive effect on the immune system and can even lower high blood pressure.

“Infrared sauna has become an increasingly popular health trend and will be a appreciated addition. The heat is lower than in a traditional sauna and is kept at 45 degrees. The light penetrates the skin directly and heats up the body from the inside, unlike a traditional sauna that heats up the surrounding air and then the body,” says Skepparholmen’s Spa Manager, Jenny Strömberg.

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