Summer in the Archipelago

Booking a summer stay in the archipelago with us is like capturing the best a Swedish summer has to offer. Our spa hotel, situated between sea and lake, provides an oasis of tranquility and relaxation just a short distance from Stockholm city. Here, you can experience a perfect balance between nature, tradition, and modern comforts.

Skepparholmen Nacka is an ideal destination for those looking to take a vacation in Sweden and truly enjoy the summer. The hotel is beautifully located by the water, surrounded by greenery, with stunning views of the Stockholm archipelago. Guests can unwind in the spa area, which offers a wide range of treatments and facilities, including saunas, pools, and various types of treatments. It is a place where body and soul can take a well-deserved break from the stress of everyday life.

One of the highlights at Skepparholmen Nacka during the summer is the celebration of Midsummer. Midsummer is one of the most beloved and traditional holidays in Sweden, and it is celebrated here with great enthusiasm. Guests can participate in traditional activities such as making flower crowns. It is an opportunity to experience Swedish culture up close and take part in a celebration that dates back many hundreds of years.

Food plays a central role in the Midsummer celebration, and at Skepparholmen Nacka, an inspired menu of classic Swedish delicacies is offered. Enjoy a herring platter with cheese and schnapps, and a delightful strawberry cake for dessert. It is a feast for the taste buds and an experience that creates memories for life.

In addition to the Midsummer celebration, Skepparholmen Nacka offers a variety of other summer activities. The hotel is perfectly situated for exploring the archipelago. You can get here by boat or take a relaxing walk along the scenic trails in the area. There are also opportunities for fishing, swimming, and simply enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds the hotel.

Taking a vacation in Sweden and spending the summer at Skepparholmen Nacka is an excellent way to experience a real Swedish summer. Here, you have everything you could wish for a relaxing and memorable vacation: the beauty of nature, traditional celebrations, excellent facilities, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is a place where you can truly unwind, recharge your batteries, and enjoy all the best that the Swedish summer has to offer.

In summary, Skepparholmen Nacka is more than just a spa hotel; it is a destination where you can experience the magic of summer in the best possible way. Whether you want to participate in traditional celebrations, explore the beautiful archipelago, or just relax and enjoy the spa’s amenities, there is something for everyone. Booking a stay here is giving yourself a gift of tranquility, beauty, and memorable experiences in the heart of Sweden’s beautiful nature.

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