Eat and enjoy on the sunny terrace

In the heart of the Swedish archipelago, where the water sparkles under the sun’s rays and nature displays its full splendor, lies our fine spa hotel Skepparholmen – an oasis for both soul and mind.

Our outdoor seating and terrace offer a unique opportunity to enjoy delicious food and drinks in a relaxing environment, perfect for both everyday and special occasions. Surrounded by nature and with a panoramic view of the archipelago, the terrace provides a perfect place for a break from daily stress. Here, visitors can relax with a book, socialize with friends, or simply soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

We continuously develop our menu, which is characterized by the best seasonal ingredients, and from early morning and breakfast time to late evening, our guests can enjoy well-composed dishes that satisfy both simple and sophisticated tastes. Breakfast consists of a wide range of both hot and cold dishes that guarantee a good start to the day. For lunch and dinner, guests can choose dishes that perfectly harmonize with the environment close to the archipelago.

We have recently released a completely newly composed cocktail menu but also serve carefully selected wines and other fine beverages. A favorite we recommend you try during your stay is the “SPA RETREAT SOUR,” a signature drink that is both refreshing and flavorful. This summery cocktail is composed of Absolut Vodka, St Germain, Cartron Passionfruit Lemon, Peychauds Bitter, and egg white, creating a perfect balance between sweetness and tartness. The elegant presentation and distinctive flavors make it a favorite among both new and returning guests.

At Skepparholmen, we aim to be a place where both body and soul can relax. It is not uncommon for us to see our guests combine their visit with a walk in the nearby natural areas or a relaxing moment in the spa department. Whether you come for a delicious lunch or a lively evening with friends on the terrace, we offer something for everyone. An evening on the terrace combines scenic beauty with first-class service and gastronomy, making every visit a memorable experience.

If you are looking for a place where you can recharge your batteries, enjoy good food, and socialize with loved ones, Skepparholmen is the obvious choice. Our goal is to provide an environment where every detail contributes to well-being and relaxation. From the delightful spa treatments to the thoughtful activities and events, everything is designed to create a harmonious and recuperative experience. Visit us at Skepparholmen and experience what it is like to truly take a break from everyday life and immerse yourself in peace and tranquility.

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